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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Something strange.??

As information about this program has been slow down the pipeline, its difficult to gauge what the state of the program is thus far. 2018's last frame is to b  delivered next month and every 2 months a frame leaves the factory.


There has been no news of a rate increase, but there has been news about the next 2 frames.

L/N 1552, 747-8F, RC539, UPS, serial number 64260, N614UP, del March 2019

L/N 1553, 747-8F, RC540, UPS, serial number 64261, N615UP, del April 2019

Now let's see, Frame delivered this month: Yes.
Next Month: Yes
Following Month: Yes

So it look like the rate has gone up to 1 per month?

Well not exactly, there was a very slow Christmas period and this might be the taking up of slack after the New Year. As I recall the last frame of 2018 could have have been delivered in Early January, but the holiday season and late roll out and flight test of that last frame has knocked the schedule a little bit. 

I would expect things to return to normal one the year gets into full swing as some people still haven't sobered up yet over the last 30 days. 

Have fun.


  1. Sir, there seems to be a gap in LNs. Your spreadsheet stops at LN 1544 yet your blogging about LN 1551 B1 flight and,1552 and 1553 delivery the next few months. What's happened to LNs 1545-1550? Thanks

  2. Yes that is correct, the Google spreadsheet cannot be updated because the original blogger has not given the permission to do that. I have asked him for that permission and yes I've seen the spreadsheet, but seems that the update of this listing isn't going to happen anytime soon.

  3. Good shot of Line # 1551:

  4. Line # 1551 and 1552:

  5. Here at Atlas Air, we have acquired at least 10 B747-400 Cargo and and passenger planes to add to our fleet.
    I know Atlas is looking at more B747-8Fs , as we have some mid 1990s coming up on life checks in a few years. ✈️