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Monday, November 26, 2018

Next Years Firing Order.

Now that Black Friday is water under the bridge, the end of November is in sight and the last month of 2018 looms. Its time to take a look at the firing order for 2019. Here is what I've collected so far:

LN 1552 747-8F RC 539 UPS MSN 64260 N614UP

LN 1553 747-8F RC 540 UPS MSN 64261 N615UP

LN 1554 747-8F RC 541 UPS MSN 64262 N616UP

As can be seen there is no info for the last 3 frames for the Year and if  anyone has this info please post that in a comment below.

As for the last frame for 2018 rollout should be right around the corner with subsequent test flights and paintwork before delivery in January. The aircraft details are below:

LN 1551 747-8F RC 609 ABC MSN 63787 Reg Unknown

Also there was a very special aircraft that made an appearance over California in the last 2 weeks. The Global supertanker and its crew worked feverishly to help stop the wildfires that kill 84 people, but one wonders why there isn't more of them seeing that there are plenty of candidates sitting out in the desert idle. Also here are the aircraft details for hat machine.

LN 885 747-446BCF GSS MSN 25308 N744ST

Thank you to all the readers and have a nice day.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Next frame for UPS set for delivery.

Probably the last frame to be delivered this year, N613UP was pictured at the Everett delivery center Nov 7th.

The last frame for 2018 should Rollout late this month or early next month with delivery possibly early in Jan 2019.

KPAE will wind down for the holidays in December, but until then, we still have the whole of this month and if there are any last minute surprises, as far as sales go, lets hope there is some Christmas presents.

In other news of course, someone bent a 747F in Halifax:

Aircraft Details:


Thank You and have a nice day.

Friday, November 2, 2018

N613UP returns from Portland

The next frame for UPS has apparently returned from PDX.

Aircraft Data:

LN 1550 747-8F RC 538 UPS MSN 64259 N613UP.

No pictures just yet but I suppose these will appear soon.