The Chart:

Friday, August 29, 2014

Deliveries Deliveries Deliveries

Three deliveries in the month of August! Silk Way Airlines took two, finally. Line 1493 (RC641) VQ-BVB and line 1496 (RC642) VQ-BVC flew off to Azerbaijan and into service, one last week and one tonight.

Cawby pic of VQ-BVC leaving KPAE

Lufthansa took one today as well. Line 1503 (RC036) D-ABYQ flew into service as their 15th 747-8I.

That's ten deliveries for the year. There's still a lot of mystery and intrigue with where and when some of these newer frames are going. Stay tuned to the chart...

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Korean Airlines First 747-8I Rollout

Today, the first 747-8I for Korean Airlines rolled out.

Cawby pic

Line 1506 (RC051) is scheduled to deliver next year, so prepare to see this frame sit for a long while. Nothing new. This frame begins a string of 747-8I rollouts. 13 of the next 14 frames to come out of the factory will be 747-8Is.

Silk Way seems to be inching their way closer and closer to a delivery. Both of their frames have flown the past two days, and they apparently have financing sorted.

Friday, August 8, 2014

First Flight - JA18KZ

Line 1489 (RC528) JA18KZ has been sitting around for a long time... Today she finally flew. She's probably destined for the desert, to be delivered late in the year.