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Thursday, December 27, 2018

2018 Year in Review (preview)

Good day everybody, now that I'm recovering from a horrendously terrible cold over the holidays there are a couple of updates.

Firstly, the missing 747 has been found misplaced on on a PAE ramp. ;)

Aircraft Data:

LN 1551 747-8F RC 609 ABC MSN 63787 VP-BJS

The other news is that I am announcing my retirement from the Blog forever. 

Just Kidding.

In all seriousness wrapping up this year worth of production is much of a roller coaster as there are only 6 frames.

So either BCA get their act together or I'm leaving.   

Yeah right.

If anything would save the program an order for 40 frames would be good and their is only one place where an order that would come from. 


I don't know the reasons for them not buying, and this issue has been tied to the new 777 models, but this airline has the daily demand, the network and throughput to justify such an order, just that they never did. 

Now this airline has over leveraged the 777 production to how fast can they get them with so many orders  stacked up it quite reasonable to assume if anything goes wrong then their position becomes untenable and just like the competition across the pond they too have an over leveraged program dependent on 1 customer, a customer that demands much and sits on top of the food chain as a near monopoly. 

Dictating to the World that they control the business and their reach where possible is to show that no stone is left upturned that shouldn't . 

Is this  the Emirates that we  know. The Airline that Single handedly killed the 747. Not even offering to buy its latest freighter versions, instead pushing to develop a twin smaller in size an perhaps even less capable, with no freight option and putting up costs as the benchmark, yet till this day I have not seen an honest appraisal  with real world comparisons. 

Yes its likely that 2019 will be more of the same chewed out leftovers from previous years, covered with more 'economical truths'and more potential customers shunted away to the new 2 engine wonder works of tomorrow leaving the Queen sit in the coffin whilst the nails are being fastened all around. 

Oh and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  1. Thanks for keeping up the 747-8 Blog. Us 747 fans appreciate it!

    I take the view that Boeing is sticking with the 747-8F for future freighter replacements. Someone there must be championing it to keep it going at 6 frames per year.

    I think Boeing would have had a better chance with Emirates and others had they not been "late to the dance" with the 747-8i. Recall there were major delays of the 787 program, which in turn delayed the 747-8. Had the 787 been ready say 3 to 4 years earlier, and when fuel costs were spiking, they would have been in a good position vs the A380.

    If Boeing sticks with the 747-8F, they have an opportunity the next time oil is expensive and as the older 747 freighters and conversions continue to age.

    Happy New Year to all.

    1. Thanks fir reading the Blog. Yes I do hope that it lasts long enough for the replacement of some of the older frames.

  2. While not as exciting (perhaps) as the surprise in January of 2014 where Boeing slipped 6 new 747-8 orders into the queue with their end of the year update, 4 of which at the time were for sure of the 747-8i variety, Boeing has added on 4 frames to the 2018 order total. These are all -8Fs, and they are all unidentified currently.

    The singleton seems like another of the remaining ABC frames from their 20 strong MoU, as they have been picking their frames up in ones and twos.

    The three frame order is more interesting. Could it be Silkway, since they were talking about picking up more frames earlier this year? Cargolux was also talking about needing more frames for years, even to the point where they have been re-activating old 747-400s that they could find.

    Any possibility for a new operator with a three frame order?

    1. It is most likely SW's commitment. There not been any new show of interest, with the only exception being Cargolux, but they are an existing operator. The one to watch might be Atlas, because they have a fleet of ageing 400's in various forms. If the take new frames its likely for replacement.