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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Korean Wants Five More 747-8Is

Today in Paris, Korean Air and Boeing announced that they've signed a purchase commitment for another five 747-8Is. This is a top up order, as they'd already ordered five, so now they'll have a total of ten. This is great news, as Korean Air has always been a big 747 customer, and it looks like that will continue for a few decades.

Here's the press release.


  1. Additionally, Air China Firmed Up Those 5 Earlier In The Year And Silk Way Has 4 747-8Fs On Order As Well.
    There Is Also A Great Amount Of Optimism About The VLA Market Recovering Next Year, So Expect Many More 748 Orders! :)

  2. Even with the DAE cancellation (which was expected), if all the MoUs that have happened in 2013 get turned into orders, it would be a good year.

    There is Cathay Pacific 3x 8F as a firm order, Air China 2x 8I as an MoU, Silk Way's 4x 8F MoU, and now Korean Air's 5x 8I MoU.

    Hopefully the second half of the year has more good news as well.

    It would also be nice to track down what happened to some of the previous MoUs such as the rumored 15 to Hong Kong/Hainan and 4 to Transaero.

    1. The Transaero orders I'm still expecting to be firmed, but the Hainan ones seem like a long shot.