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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Etihad 747-8F

Atlas's brand new frame, line 1476 (RC582) N855GT emerged from the paint hanger sporting her new Etihad Cargo livery. She had just been painted in Atlas's livery prior to her first flight, but that coat wasn't long for this world.

Line 1476 is still property of Atlas, but she's on a long term wet lease to Etihad for a round the world shipping route. Ethihad is also employing a couple 747-400Fs, and there are rumors that they might be in the market for more 747-8s. both passenger and freighter models. Here's the route N855GT will be taking:


  1. The plane looks fantastic!

  2. It does look outstanding. It would be great to see more in that livery!

  3. RC029 D-ABYJ back from B1 flight: