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Sunday, June 2, 2013

May '13 Wrap Up

Four deliveries in May:
  • Line 1438 (RC554) B-LJD for Cathay Pacific
  • Line 1473 (RC508) LX-VCH for Cargolux
  • Line 1476 (RC582) N855GT for Atlas
  • Line 1475 (RC028) D-ABYI for Lufthansa
Matt Cawby posted a curious picture:

An apparent 747-8I in final assembly inside building 40-24. However, if you look at the chart, you can see the next ten frames in or scheduled for final assembly are all 747-8Fs. Something is fishy, but I don't know what the explanation is yet. Note 40-24 is supposed to be the 787 surge line, where the first 787-9 is starting its final assembly. Is this just line 1480 for Lufthansa back inside for some fixing?

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