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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

100k hour 747-400s

Line 1432 (RC572) HZ-AI4 for Saudi Arabian Cargo went out for a C1 flight today, so delivery should be approaching.

I've been snooping around this FAA database, and it looks like Delta's first ten 747-400s (N6[61-70]us) are all just hitting or about to hit 100,000 service hours. Being that they're all 23-25 years old, this is pretty good utilization. Not "Lufthansa good", but still good. The newer six are in the 50-60,000 hour range.

United's 747-400's are not utilized as well as Delta's. Their oldest are all in or approaching the low 90,000 hour range, with many of the newer frames in the 40,000-60,000+ range. Entries here confirm that some of their early retirement frames (like n195ua and n106ua) were, sure enough, in the low 40,000 hour range, or even lower.

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