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Saturday, June 15, 2013

NCA Line 1479 First Flight

Line 1479 (RC525) JA15KZ for Nippon Cargo Airlines had a first flight today. This frame is either preparing for delivery or storage. Nippon Cargo has 14 747-8Fs ordered, two of which are already in service. Six more are built or scheduled to be built. NCA plans on taking three frames in the latter half of this year, and then three more next year. That leaves six frames left in the order which have yet to be scheduled for assembly. Due to deferment, one frame, line 1469 (RC524) JA14KZ, sits in storage in the desert. One frame, test frame 2, line 1421 (RC521) JA11KZ, is on the flight line needing a repaint. My prediction is that they'll take lines 1421, 1469, and 1479 this year, and the next three scheduled to be built will move into storage until they're delivered next year. The remaining six will probably be built in 2014/2015 and delivered in 2015/2016.

While taxiing, a giant spider attacks KPAE

787 Line 111 G-ZBJB for British Airways gets ready to fly while JA15KZ prepares for a taxi test.

G-ZBJB takes off, JA15KZ moves into position

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