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Thursday, August 29, 2013

1416 Not Going Anywhere, 1421 Going Somewhere

I know it was only a rumor initially, and I know this is just a post on a forum and could very well be dubious, but here's an apparent insider memo from Qantas Freight saying they've cancelled plans to take up a new 747-400ERF which was likely to have been line 1416. I believe it, because who would bother making stuff like this up? It's maddening... Maybe Kalitta will jump in and take advantage of this situation. It's really embarrassing how inept Boeing has been in finding an operator for this brand new frame. Four and a half years now.

1416 gets me all emotional.

In better news, line 1421 (RC521) JA11KZ for Nippon Cargo was up on a functional check flight, which means they're probably getting her ready for delivery before the end of the year. NCA is still slated to take delivery of three more 747-8Fs before years end, and I think they'll take this one and the two in storage, while the newer three frames wait for improved engines and deliver next year.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rise From Your Grave(yard)

Line 1478 (RC509) LX-VCI for Cargolux has returned from a short (two month) stint of storage at Pinal Airpark. This probably means she'll deliver in September. That's the second frame to come out of storage now, and it's a welcome sign to see that these frames aren't all going to sit around for years like line 1416.

Speaking of 1416, the talk on the net is heavily leaning towards Qantas Cargo taking her up into service by the end of the year. Nothing's a done deal till it's done, but if it does happen I'm gonna have to post the mother of all tributes...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

4 Holers > 2 Holers

What would have been a catastrophic incident in a two engine ship was just another Wednesday at the office for AirBridgeCargo line 1430 (RC601) VQ-BGZ.

In other news, I visited Tupelo, Mississippi today, and have some really cool pictures and video to post. I'm on vacation so it'll probably take me a few days to sort through them and post them, but here's a teaser:

The 747-400 formerly known as N195UA.
If you don't like the state she's in, you really won't like what N193UA is looking like these days.

Also, thanks for 50,000 hits!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Empty Nest Syndrome

Two days after the last old Cathay frame, Line 1433 (RC553) B-LJC, flew away to Hong Kong, finally for the first time in almost three years leaving the KPAE flightline without a Cathay 747 sitting around like a bump on a log, Boeing does this (pic thanks to Matt Cawby).

It's like deja vu all over again. B-LJL, painted and engine-less, proudly carrying on the tradition. Fortunately, knock on wood, she and her two sisters are all supposed to be delivered by the end of the year, as soon as the new and improved GE engines are certified and ready.

So don't get too comfortable B-LJL...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Tribute to an Overdue Delivery #5 : Line 1433

Cathay took delivery of long neglected line 1433 (RC553) B-LJC on Tuesday, going on three years after she rolled off the assembly line. Cathay is very happy with their 747-8Fs, and B-LJC should happily join in on the fun and profit. Here are some pictures to remember her by:

Both have now flown, but will 1437 find a home too?

Not goin' anywhere fast...

All three of these are now in service.

I believe the frame to the left is a United 787 now in service too.

Paperweight to tower, do you read me?

Preparing for first flight but ridin' dirty.

Up in the air on her B1.

New coat of paint.

Unfortunately, 1433 left in the still of the night, and I don't have any pictures of her delivery flight. But she should start showing up at airports all over the world in a week or two, so we haven't seen the last of her.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two Deliveries, One Day

I'm not really sure which one is #53 and which is #54, but Cathay took delivery of line 1433 (RC553) B-LJC and Lufthansa took delivery of line 1480 (RC030) D-ABYK today. That's a lot of aluminum cleared off the flight line for one day. Pictures to come...

Thanks to Matt Cawby:

Don't have any pictures of B-LJC leaving unfortunately, as she left around midnight.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Free Boeing / ABC Ready for delivery?

Firstly, a committee in the UK has dismissed a complaint by Airbus over a Boeing claim that the 747-8I is 8% more efficient than an A380. Airbus said Boeing crammed too many seats in their plane to make it an apples to apples comparison. They might have a point, but still, my question is "who cares?". Fleet managers aren't making decisions based off advertisements like this, and most of the public (and press) can't tell a 747 from a 737. Much ado over little.

Secondly, for the second time in a few days, line 1463 (RC604) VQ-BRH has been scheduled to return to KPAE from Pinal Airpark where she's been stored for six months. If this flight actually happens this time, it looks like AirBridgeCargo might be finally ready to take delivery of another frame. That would be wonderful.

UPDATE: Line 1463 en route to KPAE!

Here are pictures of 787 line 21 (ZA176) JA-823J for Japan Airlines taking off on a B1. As you might know I have a special place in my heart for planes that sit around a long time before flying, and this one sat for something like four years since leaving the final assembly line, so I'm unofficially poaching this event from All Things 787.