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Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Tribute to an Overdue Delivery #5 : Line 1433

Cathay took delivery of long neglected line 1433 (RC553) B-LJC on Tuesday, going on three years after she rolled off the assembly line. Cathay is very happy with their 747-8Fs, and B-LJC should happily join in on the fun and profit. Here are some pictures to remember her by:

Both have now flown, but will 1437 find a home too?

Not goin' anywhere fast...

All three of these are now in service.

I believe the frame to the left is a United 787 now in service too.

Paperweight to tower, do you read me?

Preparing for first flight but ridin' dirty.

Up in the air on her B1.

New coat of paint.

Unfortunately, 1433 left in the still of the night, and I don't have any pictures of her delivery flight. But she should start showing up at airports all over the world in a week or two, so we haven't seen the last of her.

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