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Thursday, August 29, 2013

1416 Not Going Anywhere, 1421 Going Somewhere

I know it was only a rumor initially, and I know this is just a post on a forum and could very well be dubious, but here's an apparent insider memo from Qantas Freight saying they've cancelled plans to take up a new 747-400ERF which was likely to have been line 1416. I believe it, because who would bother making stuff like this up? It's maddening... Maybe Kalitta will jump in and take advantage of this situation. It's really embarrassing how inept Boeing has been in finding an operator for this brand new frame. Four and a half years now.

1416 gets me all emotional.

In better news, line 1421 (RC521) JA11KZ for Nippon Cargo was up on a functional check flight, which means they're probably getting her ready for delivery before the end of the year. NCA is still slated to take delivery of three more 747-8Fs before years end, and I think they'll take this one and the two in storage, while the newer three frames wait for improved engines and deliver next year.

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  1. Here we go... RC521 scheduled for repaint in PDX: