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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Say Goodbye to 747-8 Test Liveries

Line 1421 (RC521) JA11KZ for Nippon Cargo Airlines is headed to Portland to get NCA colors. This was the last frame still wearing a test "Boeing Light" livery.

Have you guys read about this airline that's supposedly preparing for passenger service on a 747-200? They want to operate JFK to St Petersburg Pulkovo International Airport (LED). I'd have to book a flight just for kicks. Here's the frame they're planning on using.

And here's a much sillier idea for an old 747-200. Here's the frame.


  1. It looks like Boeing rescheduled things.
    777F will fly to PDX for painting:
    RC521 will be still waiting for her round or repainted in PAE.

    1. Yeah I noticed that. I'm just too lazy to update my post :p They've had a 777 and 747 in Portland simultaneously before though so she still might head there.

      Yep, scheduled to PDX again.