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Monday, September 23, 2013

Goin back to KPAE

Line 1469 (RC524) JA14KZ for Nippon Cargo Airlines is returning to KPAE from a six month stint in the slammer at Pinal Airpark. Last I've heard, NCA is still planning on taking three more frames before the end of the year, and this move supports that plan. Inventory in storage at Pinal is now down to two frames, one for NCA, one for ABC. Three frames have now been returned from storage for pending deliveries, although two of them have been languishing around KPAE for a month now.

UPDATE: Line 1421 (RC521) JA11KZ for Nippon Cargo Airlines is painted and is also returning to KPAE this evening.

Here's a sequence of line 1469's return:

And here's 1421's landing:

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