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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Reason for the Antonov An-124s at KPAE

The Seattle Times has a story explaining the frequent Antonov An-124 visits to KPAE. The short story is that Triumph, the company who manufactures the fuselage for the 747-8 and usually delivers them by rail, has been delivering some fuselages that don't pass Boeing's QC. This has necessitated the Antonovs flying in corrected fuselages to save the schedule. I wonder if they've been sending back the erroneous fuselages by either rail or air to be refurbished.

I have a secret love for three and four engine Russian planes (I would kill to fly on an IL-62), so I don't mind, but it's hurting Triumph's bottom line.


  1. RC561 with brand new engines attached :)

    1. I was right! :P Should start to see a lot of 747-8 activity over the last three months of 2013, as 6-10 frames should deliver before the end of the year.