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Sunday, September 8, 2013

747-8 on the Fairway (and Delta really !@#$ing sucks)

I spotted this while hacking up a golf course today (sorry for the cell phone quality):

Line 1451 D-ABYC for Lufthansa, approaching LAX.

It was amazingly quiet compared to the rest of the planes flying in all day.

And off topic: My god Delta customer service is terrible. Short version:
  • Lost bag on way to Amsterdam in February, give me a $35 voucher.
  • Doesn't work online, I call and they refuse to accept the voucher unless I mail it in to HQ @ Minnesota.
  • Mail voucher back to me for god knows why, almost cancel my reservation.
  • Tell me to mail it back in within three days or I lose my reservation and have to pay current price ($200 higher)
  • I say forget it, just book it without the voucher.
  • They charge me an extra $25 for making the reservation over the phone, after they specifically stated they wouldn't.
  • Lost my window seat, stuck in a middle seat for 4 hour flight to Atlanta.
  • Hang up on me when I call to try to sort the above out.
So trying to use my compensation for lost luggage ended up in me getting charged an extra $25...


  1. VQ-BRH is no longer listed in the FAA database. Does this mean that it has been delivered?

    1. It's still on the KPAE flightline, but maybe a delivery flight is imminent.