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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Headed to Tupelo...

Took me long enough to post these pictures, didn't it? I visited Tupelo Regional Airport in search of old 747s a few weeks ago, and I wasn't disappointed. It's safe to assume that any large airplane flying into Tupelo is soon to be a scrap pile. Case in point, former United 747-400 N193UA, which flew here back in December:

"And that there's what's left of 193..."

The Lufthansa 747s that flew in here last year? Not a sign of them ever existing. It was a really interesting visit. The company that does all this dirty work, Universal Asset Management, stays very busy. They also have a spin off company called Aviation Afterlife that creates furniture and artwork using pieces and parts from these scrapped planes. I won't blather on any more about it; I'll just get to the pictures and videos.

Photo Gallery
Up in N195UA (video)
Flight Line 1 (video)
Flight Line 2 (video)

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  1. RC604 probably delivered: