The Chart:

Friday, June 21, 2013

Seeing Red

There's new red on the chart with more to come, frustratingly for us 747-8 watchers. Line 1478 (RC509) LX-VCI for Cargolux is going to sit in the desert for a stretch before being delivered, alongside two other new 747-8s and one new 747-400 (that's been there way too long!). In the near future, up to seven more frames will join them, with ABC, NCA, and Korean all electing to defer their upcoming frames.

There were no more 747-8 orders out of Paris, but I'm savoring the five that Korean Airlines announced. Hopefully later in the year some of these other rumored orders will manifest themselves.


    RC553 in the ari!

  2. LX-VCI was registered to N775BA before it's departure on Saturday morning.

    1. got it, information like that I usually store in the notes section to the right of the chart