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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Delivery delays and opulence

Looks like three frames I expected to be delivered in October are slipping. Line 1430 for ABC, line 1434 for Kuwait (which went on what I think was a C2 flight today), and line 1459 (possibly) for Bahrain. I'm expecting the latter two to deliver in the next week, but 1430 for ABC is turning into a mystery. It sometimes seems like these delivery schedules are much more volatile than one would imagine for a 300 million dollar product. You'd think they'd have this stuff locked down tight, but I get the feeling some of these customers are like walk on shoppers at a used car lot.

October's delivery tally is 3. Atlas, Lufthansa, and Cathay were the proud new owners.

I was reading this article on the outfitting of one of the 747-8 BBJ airframes, and it's hard to fathom the amount of money that is spent on these private jumbos. I mean, buying the plane alone is hundreds of millions of dollars, then throw in 3-4 years of custom outfitting. How much does the end product actually cost? How much is it going to get utilized? Does it even matter? At least the money is getting spent, I suppose. Good for the economy.

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