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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Delivery #4 for Lufthansa

Line 1456 (RC025) D-ABYF for Lufthansa just took off on a delivery flight. This is Lufthansa's fourth delivered frame. I hope to be flying on this airplane over to Europe in February 2013, if it ends up serving the LAX route as rumored.

Line 1422 (the third test frame) flew from Lackland to Victorville California. I'm not sure why. Qatar's first 787 went here a couple weeks ago to get connectivity installed, but I don't think a freighter for Nippon Cargo needs connectivity. I'll be watching to see what her next move is.

Line 1420 (the first test frame) headed off to Portland for a new coat of paint. She should return looking like the rest of her Cargolux sisters.

And earlier, line 1434 (the first 8I test frame) for Kuwait went on a B2 of sorts.


  1. There are only two possibilities I can imagine as to why 1422 is in Victorville. She could be being painted there.

    The more likely reason is she's going into storage. Remember, per an April 28, 2012 press release, NCA is only taking two 747-8Fs this fiscal year, three in FY 2013, and three in FY 2014. Given they have one aircraft already and have four more coming off the production line that could easily delivery before the end of 2013, it's just hard to see how NCA would take 1422 before 2014.

    LN 1467 for Atlas is now on the flight line. She's unpainted with a blue rudder.

  2. Yeah I was thinking this too. We should know within a couple weeks which one it is. That would be frustrating if this frame is going to sit around for another 2 years before her next move.

    I'm assuming 1465 is in the paint hanger, due to being missing from the flight line and due for delivery in a couple weeks.

  3. Also, does it look to you like 1463 has engines now? That building in the way of every flight line shot makes it hard to see, but to me it kinda looks like she does.

  4. It looks to be like 1463 still doesn't have engines. The white you see is actually on the fuselage.

  5. Correction: Yes to engines on 1463. You can quite clearly see them at 2:53 mark of Matt Cawby's latest flight line video.