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Friday, October 26, 2012

Sneak Delivery #8 for Cathay

Line 1464 (RC560) B-LJJ for Cathay just delivered in a most surreptitious manner. I didn't get a webcam pic. This is Cathay's 8th of 10 ordered frames, and the last two are earlier frames still in refurbishment or storage that probably won't deliver until next year. Airplane delivery sure can take its sweet time. Watch here.

Lines 1434 and 1459, both BBJ's, have gone on a few more B or maybe C flights, and are getting ready to deliver in the next week. 1434 is for the government of Kuwait, and rumor is 1459 is for the government of Bahrain.

I'm still trying to find out if line 1422 is at Victorville for a short stay or long term storage. I might just take a drive out there in a week or two to see for myself. It's only an hour or so away from me.

Lastly, line 1467 for Atlas rolled out of the FAL a couple days ago, unpainted with a blue rudder. Line 1471, also for Atlas, should be on the FAL now. It was interesting to me that only about ten days passed between line 1466 and 1467 rolling out of the FAL. I thought the rate was more like 16-18 days between roll outs.

Bonus update: Line 1465 is painted in full Cargolux livery and back on the flight line. That was quick. Seemed like she just went in the paint hanger a couple days ago. Things can move fast when Boeing wants to. Line 1464 took 10 days from first flight to delivery. Then you have other frames that take years to deliver. Pic courtesy of Matt Cawby.

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