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Sunday, October 21, 2012

B1 of sorts

Line 1434 (RC001) 9K-GAA, the recently repainted BBJ for the State of Kuwait, is up in the air for the first time since the new livery. This frame was the first 747-8I test frame (so it's been in the air many times before, in the 747-8I orange and red sunrise livery), and should be ready for delivery by the end of the month. (Photo by royalscottking)

Speaking of deliveries, the flight line is getting mighty crowded with not only 787s but 747s. There are a bunch of 747s due for delivery over the next few weeks though; six exactly. Line 1430 for ABC, line 1434 for Kuwait, line 1456 for Lufthansa, line 1459 for BBJ, and lines 1464 and 1465 for Cathay and Cargolux respectively, should all be delivered by the middle of November. Filling in those six vacancies through November will probably be three frames: lines 1467 and 1468 for Atlas and BBJ, and line 1422 for Nippon Cargo which has been going through test flights after refurbishment at Lackland AFB and will probably be returned to Everett when space clears up.


  1. I just had this exact thought process going through my mind, turtle. Then I saw your post ;)

    What do you think of 1432, 33 and 37? You think they'll pull those onto the line imminently as well? Or is Cathay still slowing deliveries and you think Boeing will save the former Atlas aircraft for later?

    Love the blog as always.

  2. I guess it depends on how fast Cathay wants their remaining frames. After line 1464 goes to them, their last two frames of the order are 1438 and 1433. 1438 is already undergoing rework, so I would expect 1433 to be the next parked frame to be up for fixing. As for 1432 and 1437, I have absolutely no idea what the plan is, but like you I'm anxious to see them start getting worked on. I'm still guessing (keyword) Korean Air Cargo is going to take the three formerly Atlas frames.

  3. Per Flight Global, Cathay delivery dates in 2013 are April and July. See

    Which means that when work is done on 1429, work will then would begin on 1433.

    As for 1432 and 1437, probably the best case scenario would be that refurb work would start as work completes on the two 747s other refurbishment (i.e., when work on 1438 is completed early next year, then 1432 or 1437 may move into Stall 118.)

    Now the very bad news: 1429 has the storage bags back on her engines. The only conclusion I can draw is that once refurbishment work is complete, she'll go back into storage until she's sold.

  4. Interesting. It's strange that Boeing would work on 1429 (which looks to be the furthest along of the three under rework at paine field) before 1433 if 1429 was still without a customer. And why do 1429 and 1437 have engines anyway? Hmmmm....