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Monday, October 15, 2012

Odds and ends

Line 1422 (RC522) JA-12KZ for Nippon Cargo Airlines, and the third 747-8 test aircraft, was flying around today at Lackland AFB where she's undergoing refurbishment.

Lufthansa's next frame, line 1456 (RC025) D-ABYF, was up in the air again for more testing.

Line 1464 (RC560) B-LJJ for Cathay is painted and getting really close to a first flight after successfully completing taxi tests. Maybe tomorrow.

Line 1466, another BBJ for a currently unspecified customer, rolled out of the FAL unpainted. This means line 1470 for Lufthansa has probably entered final assembly. Lufthansa still seems pleased with their new planes.

British Airways is still deciding on replacements for their 747-400's. The article only mentions the 777X, the 787-10, and the A350-1000 as contenders, but the fan in me hopes some 747-8I's work their way into that future order.

A beautiful profile pic of line 1459 from Matt Cawby:

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