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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Line 1456 for Lufthansa has gone on a B3 flight.... <crickets>

Line 1446 (RC004) HZ-HMS1, a BBJ for a Saudi Arabian royalty who apparently passed away, was ferried from San Bernadino to Lackland AFB on the 6th. This is a delivered plane, but it never entered service. Its future is cloudy right now. I'm guessing it's paid for, and will probably be resold.


There's been some movement on the tarmac, with some 747s shifted around to the fuel dock (line 1459, another BBJ that is yet to fly) and the tower apron (I think this one is just line 1432 again), but that's about it. I'm hoping things pick up a bit soon. They need to if Boeing wants to hit their delivery targets.

I added a numerical index to the spread sheet, and also added two tabs for sorting by delivery and sorting by airline and delivery. They don't work as well as I'd like, but I think I'm up against limitations of Google Docs currently.

Update: Matt Cawby reported Line1456 for Lufthansa had an engine replaced on Monday before today's flight. I wonder why. I wish I was an insider and could bring you juicy info here... but I'm not. Just a fan.

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