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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Old news (Two deliveries)

I went to Southern California Logistics in Victorville, CA on Thursday to hopefully get pictures and a status update on line 1422, and possibly see the Qatar 787 that's also there, but in summary I failed at both. Later I'll make a separate post about the visit with the (mostly boring) pics I did get if you're bored enough to want to see them. The trip ended with a three day visit to Las Vegas which I just got back from, hence my lateness in commenting on the following two events:

Line 1459 delivered on Friday. It's a BBJ supposedly destined for the Government of Bahrain. It flew down to Texas and has been flying around out of Waco, doing I'm not sure what.

Line 1434 (RC001) 9K-GAA for the Government of Kuwait delivered Saturday. This was the first 747-8I prototype. It flew to Kansas City for further outfitting.

The day after my last post with the ruminations about what a 747-8I BBJ costs, 747Classic posted this image in, almost like he was answering my question:


  1. Hey Turtle, Great stuff as always. Curious to hear what happened in Victorville. Any specific ideas or info what's going on with ABC? They've got 2 about ready to go and I see you don't have any details about delivery plans?

  2. Airbridge Cargo is supposed to take three this year and two next. They've already got two this year so I'm presuming either 1430 or 1463 will be delivered before the end of December, but that's all I've got. My delivery dates come from the 747-8 thread, where they're usually reasonably accurate. 1430 is ready to go, I think it already went on its C flights, so I don't know what the hold up is, unless ABC just wants a newer frame first.

    I'm still sorting through my Victorville pics, some of them turned out really bad.

  3. Bummer about the pics, but doesn't matter, I doubt anyone would fault you! And I saw the post from 747classic with the new delivery dates after I asked. Good to know about ABC though, I imagine they might wait for the newer frame. Makes sense to take the better of the 2 first, assuming there's still a difference between those frames, which I imagine there is.