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Friday, November 23, 2012

Cargolux's vanishing undelivered 747-8s

First line 1465 did it, now line 1420 is doing it. For the week or so before 1465 delivered to Cargolux, it vanished from all flight line pictures. Then it delivered like nothing happened. Now line 1420 is gone from flight line pictures. It hasn't been on a recent test flight as far as I can tell. Where are these Cargolux birds disappearing to?

Yes this is a totally unimportant update.

Lets see: Cathay hints that they depend more and more on their 747-8's to be profitable. Also, it seems like line 1433 for Cathay has officially commenced refurbishment.

I was flight aware-ing delivered 747-8's (what else to do on a Friday night?), and they all seem pretty active, other than AirBridgeCargo's two planes, which haven't been flying much recently. I wonder what's going on there. Could it be related to that engine blowout? Or does it have something to do with the delayed deliveries of those two frames, one ready, one almost, sitting at KPAE? Hmmmm.....


  1. On the Cargolux aircraft, they obviously are spending some time in a hanger. Now the question is just why. I don't have an answer for that.

    As for LN 1463 for AirBridge Cargo, she's still not painted but has been doing a lot of flying. (Today's here sixth day of flying.) I suspect she's being used for some sort of testing program.

  2. Maybe, but they've completed test flights prior to paint before on a recent 747-8. I think it was line 1465 for Cargolux.

  3. TurtleLuv, there have been a few aircraft that did some or all of their B flights before getting painted. 1465 flew on five days before delivery (Oct. 16, 18, 27, and Nov. 16 and 18). It was unpainted on its first two days in the air but by Oct. 27 had been painted. The Nov. 16 flight obviously was the C1; a C2 was needed two days later.

    I can't imagine a customer flight being done before an aircraft has been painted.

  4. The schedules for the paint hangars are very tight so sometimes the airplane is ready to fly before the paint is on, but it must have at least one flight after it is painted before it gets delivered. Some customers have issues with the paint which sends the airplane back to the paint hangar whenever an opening can be arranged forcing changes to the paint hangar schedules.