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Monday, November 19, 2012

Cargolux Delivery #6, and chart talk.

Line 1465 (RC507) LX-VCG just had her delivery flight. This is Cargolux's 6th delivered (of 13 ordered) 747-8.

I'd like to call your attention to the additional tabs in my 747-8 chart. Other than the default "Production" chart tab, there are tabs for:
  • a "Sort By Delivery" chart, which shows the order of delivered frames.
  • a "Sort By Airline/Delivery" chart, which shows the order of delivery for each airline.
  • a "Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Status" chart, which focuses on the status of BBJ airframes beyond their initial delivery from KPAE, right up to final delivery into the hands of their wealthy new owners.
  • a "Key" chart, which defines the color coding of other charts.
Here's a link to the chart itself, in full screen form.
And for kicks and a sense of progress, here again is a comparison of the current chart to its original state when I started it back in May 2012.

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