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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thirteen Birds On The Flight Line

As the title states, there are 13 747-8s on the flight line. It's getting crowded. At least three or four should be delivering over the next month, hopefully more.

Line 1429 seems to have finished up refurbishment, as she was moved to a new stall and is looking complete. It'll be interesting to see if they start test flights or if she just sits around longer. There's still no apparent customer. Picture by Matt Cawby.

Line 1467 N853GT for Atlas/DHL had a first flight a couple days ago, and flew two, almost three times today. It seems they're trying to get this frame delivered quickly. Pictures of first flight by moonm and Matt Cawby.

Lastly, the missing Cargolux frame (787-8 frame 1) is back on the flight line. Maybe she was getting some paint touched up in a hanger.


  1. Getting down to the exciting finale... come on ABC! It is odd that they'd have finished up 1429, you'd think they would have focussed on ABYE or perhaps even the final (current) Cathay bird, or even 787s, must be something going on.

  2. Oh! And looks like the final NTU Atlas bird was moved to 119 per Matt's blog. No more 747-8s sitting in storage.

  3. So make that 14 on the flight line. Boeing works in mysterious ways.