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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Minus five orders

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise cancelled their last five 747-8F's, which was no surprise. They cancelled their first five last year, and the writing was on the wall for the remaining orders. So the count is down to 105 total orders for the 747-8 now, with about 60 of them already built. You can see why Boeing slowed down the line recently.

Etihad Airways is long term leasing a 747-8 from Atlas. I wonder which of Atlas's nine it will be. Apparently it will get a new Etihad paint job. The article says number eight, which if literal, would be line 1471. I'm still hoping it could be line 1437, the last unclaimed Atlas NTU.


  1. Very Disappointing News! :( I Guess DAE Was A Long Shot.
    Never Fear, I Believe There Will Be More Orders Soon.

    It's looks like RC553 and RC021 refurbs are complete! RC553 on the flightline, RC021 in the Fuel Dock.