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Monday, May 20, 2013

First and Second First Flights...

Line 1478 (RC509) LX-VCI for Cargolux made its first flight today.

In bigger news, line 1435 (RC021) officially kicked off the new 747-8 test program today, going on its first flight since receiving major modifications to enable the tail fuel tank, as well as brand new and improved engines. This is 1435's first flight in over a year. Improvements scheduled to be tested and certified are the tail fuel tank, engine PIPs (with an "up to approximately 2%" fuel burn improvement), and flight computer improvements. All of these changes, plus substantial weight reduction, should coalesce for the first time in line 1492, resulting in an even more efficient 747-8I (and F as well, minus the tail fuel tank as far as I've heard).

It's a busy Monday at KPAE for sure. Usually a very quiet day, today we have a 747-8F first flight, a 747-8 test program first flight and kick off, two deliveries (a 777 and a 767), and a 787 first flight.

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  1. Really Good News! Hopefully More Airlines Will Be Attracted By The Modifications!