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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Obscure 744BCF speculation

One of my new favorite things to do as a distraction is track old 744s in storage. It's difficult to catch every movement, because these planes are spread all over the world and many have spotty flight registration using Flight Radar and Flight Aware, but occasionally I catch some activity and do a little investigation.

Today, Cathay B-HKH (line 831), a 22 year old converted freighter, went for a short test flight out of Victorville, where it's been stored for almost a year. This makes me think it's preparing to enter back into service. Cathay has been vocal about their current dislike for converted 744 freighters in the recent economy, but other freight companies are happily operating them and supposedly making money from them (like Evergreen, which has been flying the hell out of recently aquired N779BA, a former Korean Airlines converted freighter). I'm speculating B-HKH will be going into service as a replacement for National Airlines N949CA (line 960), which was involved in a tragic accident last month. We shall see.

Update: Well I guess I was partly wrong. She's flying back to China this morning, mostly empty judging by the distance. Someone over there must have found work for her.

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