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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Tribute to an Overdue Delivery #3 : Line 1438

A slightly half-assed ODT, due to me being busy as hell with my real job. Line 1438 (RC554) B-LJD, Cathay's 9th (but 4th constructed) 747-8F, delivered today.

Roll out happened back in early 2011 and she got a paint job that April.

Afterwards, she entered long term storage (with engines) at KPAE which lasted for well over a year. It was curious that previous frames for Cathay (lines 1427 and 1428) and later frames after line 1438 delivered punctually, while 1438 (and 1433) were held back for so long.

Refurbishment started around July of 2012 and finished up earlier this year. Photo records show she lost her engines sometime post refurbishment, although I don't remember the exact circumstances.

(Edit: When I look at this last picture closely, I think it's actually B-LJC, which never did have engines during storage. That would make more sense.)

Here's to a long and prosperous (albeit delayed) career. Thanks to Matt Cawby for most of the heisted pics.

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