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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Refurb complete

At least for the time being at KPAE, all 747-8 refurbishment is complete. Cathay line 1433 (RC553) B-LJC was moved over the the 200's isle looking ready to fly. At the same time, line 1435 is at the fuel dock, and looks ready to start flight testing the engine/computer/fuel tank improvements. Of course at some point in the future line 1435 will need to undergo a final refurb, and line 1421 is still under refurb in Texas. But it feels strange having no dormant frames laying around Everett after three years of backlog.

Speaking of dormancy, it looks like more frames are getting deferred, which gives me something else to track entirely. On top of NCA and ABC, Korean Air Cargo is now deferring deliveries until 2014, meaning more brand new frames will fly to the desert and sit. Here's a good rundown. 747-8 news in general has been a bit dire lately, but things will turn around; I've got a feeling.


  1. RC554 B-LJD delivered:

  2. RC028 in the air for first time: