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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Silk Way (almost) Orders Three 747-8Fs

As rumored before, Silk Way and Boeing announced that they are almost ready to firm up an order for three 747-8Fs. This puts us in the black for orders the second week of the year!

This is great news of course. One interesting thing that remains to be seen is if these are new builds or if Silk Way takes some existing white tails. There just happens to be three white tail 747-8Fs already in storage.


    ABC want to buy 1 more 747-8.
    This marks 4 orders for 4 white tails...

  2. Ah, well for Silk Way, at first glance, they will take two of the white tails since they want delivery in 2015. Their third frame of that order is for 2016, so that could be a new build.

    ABC did specify in that article that they may take two more frames also this year, although they don't specify if they would be 747-8s. If at least one of those is a -8F, then the fourth NTU would be taken up. If they wanted 3 more 8Fs (total) next year, then I don't know where the extra frame will come from unless we factor 1437 in and she finally gets a home. :-)

  3. LN1468 delivered to customer already, landed in TPA

    1. Not sure if it's really delivered or just doing test flights. Probably won't know for sure till we see it fly over to the Middle East.

    2. Already landed in BOH on her delivery flight: