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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 is Finished

Deliveries: 19
Net Orders : 0

Not an auspicious year for the 747.

There's talk of Silk Way ordering three new 747-8Fs. But there's also talk of Transaero not taking up their four orders because Russia's economy is in the crapper. None of this is official according to Boeing yet, but that's the general direction things seem to be taking now: two steps forward, three steps back.

2013, however, was a good year for the 747. So hopefully we'll get a rebound this year and have lots of good things to talk about for 2015. Things I'd like to see:

  • Asiana take up their orders
  • China Airlines buy into the 748
  • Air China top up of 3+ frames
  • Lufthansa top up of 5+ frames, as well as line 1435 being delivered to them
  • BBJ customer deliveries... get those things flying!
  • Turkish Airlines order for 10 or more
  • Korean Air entry into service
  • Line 1437 entry into service

Anymore on your list? Post them in the comments, and in the meanwhile, Happy New Year!


  1. LN1439 RC002 A7-HHE outfitting was completed too:

  2. LN1383 4X-ICA: