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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Boeing Makes 1500th 747 Delivery

Not really noticed by many is that with the delivery of line 1487 RC527 JA17KZ to Nippon Cargo Airlines, Boeing has made the 1500th delivery of a 747 into service. Note, this is not the 1500th 747 built, but the 1500th delivered to a customer. How do I figure?

  • Last 747-400 was line 1419.
  • Line 1 never delivered, but every other frame up to 1419 did, so that make 1418 deliveries.
  • Line 1487 is the 82nd 747-8 delivered.
  • 1418 + 82 = 1500, Quod Erat Demonstrandum

So congratulations are due. Congratulations!

JA17KZ will sit around KPAE in short term storage before she flies off to Tokyo in January. You might remember that line 1479 RC525 JA15KZ did the same thing at the end of last year.


  1. This article is suggesting that Silk Way purchased 3 747-8's today

    1. That looks to be correct. It appears the deal was concluded at a ceremony for Silk Way Airlines first 787-8. The 3 additional frames for Silk Way Cargo are to be delivered in the 2015-2016 time frame.

      Who knows, maybe Boeing will do something like what they did last year and sneak a few more 747-8 orders onto the end of year report.

      In a related note, although I know TurtleLuv doesn't like them, Greenpoint is due some congratulations for delivery of the first VIP 747-8 BBJ completion. :-)

    2. I'm trying to figure out which one that is. Kuwait or one of the Qatar frames?