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Friday, January 16, 2015

A BBJ 748 Finally Delivers

It looks like line 1468 RC008 VQ-BSK, a Boeing Business Jet for a former Qatari emir, has delivered, making the flight from the US to Bournemouth yesterday. I don't know what the hell this very old former emir needs with a beautiful jet like this, but hopefully he enjoys it. And any fan/owner of the 747 is a friend of mine!

Photo by jrcaviation

A number of other BBJ 747s were supposed to deliver by the end of 2014, but none of them made it. One of the other Qatar frames was spotted outside of the hanger, but so far no real news on when we'll have our next delivery.


  1. D-ABYS painted into reglar Lufthansa livery.

  2. Here's an interesting bit of information. Since the Seahawks once again made it to the Super Bowl, there was speculation on the 12th man livery would be re-created and flown around. Boeing however has said the following:

    "As for this year's Seahawks' Super Bowl appearance, Boeing tells Today in the Sky it does not currently have any aircraft available to re-create last year's Seahawks livery."

    Does this mean that 1437 is already destined for a home?


    1. I'm pretty sure it's going to Saudia late this year. What Boeing said could be construed as you have construed it, but it could also mean they don't want to waste money on a repaint :)

    2. Hah, yeah, I realize that. However, knowing your concern for any white tails, I figured the more optimistic approach was the better one to take. :-)