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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 is Over.

Happy New Year.

I'm still not sure if there were 30 or 31 deliveries for 2012. Line 1422 was possibly delivered contractually but didn't fly off prior to the new year.

Either way, here's looking forward to an exciting new year in the 747 program. The flight test program should result in an even more efficient new jumbo, which hopefully will lead to more orders being finalized. Other than that, we have 20+ Freighters and 5 Internationals to watch coming off the line and going into service, as well as some more of the older stored frames, like Cathay's two remaining jets, which should deliver during the year. Maybe we'll find homes for a couple of the NTU frames? There's even another chance to possibly beat my contrived 31 frame delivery record, if things go just right.

There's a new tab under slow progress for late model 747-400 tracking. It's sort of arbitrary, but my goal is to track service for the more recent 747-400s, as they go in and out of service. This all stemmed from my interest in line 1416 in particular, which still sits unused, parked in the desert. The latest rumors have Evergreen taking up this frame instead of Kalitta, but due to Evergreen's current financial situation (they're routinely late on payroll amongst other really bad signs) these plans might change. There are also other low use frames in this range that should be interesting to follow, like the former Jade frames.


  1. We should know the 2012 delivery total tomorrow (= Jan. 3) as well as exact who the 31st frame went to and when.

    I'd argue that all the work on the NTU frames suggests that they'll soon have a new home.

    My other top questions for 2013:

    1. Who just bought 2 UFO 747-8s? And is that order for new-builds or NTU frames?

    2. Who is taking the 2 -8Fs that GECAS has on order?

    3. What's up with LN 1483, 1484, and 1486 and when will the corresponding orders be booked?

    For a model with a backlog of under 70, there sure are a lot of questions surrounding the 747 production.

  2. Yeah, delivery slots kinda feel like hot potatoes right now. Probably because everyone wants newer and lighter 2014 frames.

  3. LN 1422 was contractually delivered to NCA on December 20. BBJ 7, LN 1466 contractually delivered on December 12th, not December 7th.

  4. Cool, so 31 for 2012 after all. I need to reorganize my "Sort by Delivery" tab to sort by acceptance date, not delivery flight when I get a chance.