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Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 Deliveries and Post 2000 Record (Apparently) Tied. Also, a Lufthansa NTU.

So today there was another secret delivery. Line 1468 (RC008) VQ-BSK for a former Qatari Emir flew off to Vancouver, and then to an undisclosed location for VIP treatment. This was the 30th delivery of the year.

This article mentions a Boeing spokesperson saying that they've delivered 31 for the year. 12 8Is and 19 8Fs. So this means either 1420, 1422, or 1463 have contractually delivered and are waiting to fly away, because I'm only showing 18 delivered 8Fs on my chart. It's probably 1422 for Nippon Cargo.

A tie is great, pop the champagne!... but I'm still hopeful they deliver one more before the end of the year. I'm really jealous of all the 787s and 777s flying off.

As it turns out, the speculation about line 1435 in my previous post was correct. The frame will be used to certify the improvements being made to the 747-8. But sadly, Lufthansa has cancelled an order, specifically the one for this frame, lowering their total order to 19 with 15 left to deliver. After all the testing, they think poor line 1435 will be too 'odd' to include in their fleet. I'm sure she'll will find a new home, possibly as a BBJ, but it might take a while. The good news is that Lufthansa is saying they very well might order additional 747-8Is when the changes have been certified. I like Lufthansa.


  1. Lufthansa being smart but reasonable. Put yourself in their shoes, who'd prefer an early built airframe as compared to a later built one with all the improvements done/incorporated from scratch?

  2. Speaking of 1435, where did she go all of a sudden? She's not in Stall 119 anymore.

    LN 1471 is out and unpainted in Stall 206. Weird looking at three unpainted 747s...

  3. That is strange. She was there yesterday, in moonm's flight line shot. Maybe paint? Maybe EMC? Engine install? 747 rapture?

    Also strange that 1470 just came out, when she should have rolled out 2 weeks ago. I assumed she was in paint, but obviously not. Then within one or two days 1471 rolls out as well...

  4. and sure it's reasonable greg, but I still looked forward to the day 1435 would be a true passenger liner. BBJ's seem like a waste of these jumbos sadly. They look great, and I'm sure they're extremely luxurious (and greatly profitable for Boeing), but these planes are designed to carry 400+ people or 500 tons of cargo to distant destinations multiple times a day. Carrying 20-30 emirs and their servants when it comes time to vacation just seems like a waste of potential.