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Sunday, December 2, 2012

BGZ Delivery

A surprise delivery (at least to me) just happened for an older frame that has been sitting around in limbo for a while. Line 1430 (RC601) VQ-BGZ for AirBridgeCargo just took off for Hong Kong and a long life of efficiently hauling cargo around the world while looking cool (click pics for more detail).

I think this delivery actually happened in November, according to this link (it claims 27 frames were delivered through November 28th, I had 26 in my last post through November 30th), which is filled with more 747-8 details worth reading. Basically, freight markets are still slow, so orders are slow, but Boeing still feels both freight and passenger versions will see renewed life by 2014. I'm a hopeful believer!

Line 1422 for NCA (the third test frame) is scheduled for a test flight this morning as well.


  1. Excellent news. Perhaps your 2000s record is back up for grabs after all

  2. VQ-BGZ delivered on Nov. 26. Also, Boeing booked 5 DAE 747-8F cancellations in late November but also got an UFO order for two 747-8Fs. It's uncertain if that's an order for new builds or some of the NTU Atlas frames.

  3. DAE's order was for 10, and now after these 5 cancellations it stands at 5, right? I think there's some misinformation on saying they have no orders left.

  4. TurtleLuv, it's a bit more complicated than that as DAE and Emirates both originally ordered the 747-8F. Emirates ordered 10 aircraft back in October 9, 2006 (see: DAE ordered 5 on December 31, 2007. Eventually though, all Emirates cargo aircraft orders get transferred to DAE, giving them 15 747-8Fs on order plus the 8 777Fs Emirates had ordered back in 2005.

    In October 2011, DAE converts 5 747-8 to 777F, leaving them at 10 747-8Fs and 13 777Fs. With the late November 2012 cancellation, DAE is down to 5 747-8Fs and 13 777Fs on order of which 6 777Fs having been delivered and are flying with Emirates SkyCargo. The cancellations to date have all come from the October 2006 Emirates order, not DAE's order.

    So the question is what to make of DAE's remaining orders. The 777Fs are presumably going to Emirates SkyCargo. What the plan is with the 747-8Fs is less clear — they don't obviously show up on the future production list. Maybe they go to Emirates SkyCargo at some point in the not near future. Maybe DAE is tying to act as a leaser and place them with some other operator. And maybe they get cancelled. Time will tell but I think it's real questionable whether those five frames ever get built/delivered.

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