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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Test flights, Swiss International, Saudi Arabian adopts two early frames.

Lines 1420 and 1469 got up in the air today for some of the first test flights since The Great Fog of '13.

Here's line 1420 for Cargolux returning to base after a B-GodKnowsWhat flight. This frame has got to deliver sometime soon.

And line 1469 for NCA on an evening B2 flight, still unpainted.

Swiss International Airlines is considering a 747-8I order to replace its aging a340 fleet. Sounds good to me.

Bigger news is that Saudi Arabian Cargo is supposedly the purchaser of two early frames that were not taken up by Atlas. Line 1429 and 1432 are supposed to deliver to the airline this March. These frames had been sitting around KPAE for a couple years in storage, and have recently undergone or are undergoing refurbishment. 1429 is done, sitting on the flight line, and looks to be approaching a first flight. 1432 is still under the knife having started the process in November of 2012. It still needs engines as well. This is still unconfirmed, but it also sounds good to me; at least blog worthy. This would probably be the ID of the mysterious order for two 747-8Fs announced back in November.

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