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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Slow times at Paine Field

Things are slow on the 747-8 line. A couple test flights have been popping up, but most haven't gotten off the ground. Boeing seems to be having particular trouble getting line 1420 up in the air again, as it's had about four or five cancelled test flights over the last couple days. The weather has been perfect too, but maybe this has something to do with the delays today:

Anyway, line 1422 (RC522) JA12KZ finally flew off into service last week for Nippon Cargo. This frame did contractually deliver in 2012, so Boeing officially reached 31 747 deliveries for the year. This former test frame was the third 747-8 built, and it's good to see it go into revenue service after so long. The only test frames remaining to be delivered are 1420 (test #1), 1421 (test #2), and 1435 (8I test #2). 1420 should deliver soon, 1421 probably sometime this year, and 1435, well, who knows when. Probably not until 2014 or 2015, as it still has more testing to do.

In some extra 747-400 news, Southern Air picked up 747-400 line 1380, a former Jade Cargo jet that was parked in Pinal Airpark. Pic here. Southern is having their own money problems right now, but good to see this frame back in the air. There are rumors more ex Jade Cargo frames will be joining it soon. Still no word on Evergreen or Kalitta taking up some of these frames as well.

Update 1/18/2012: Seems the weather is getting better...
 Haha... Line 1463 got up today but line 1420 still was a no show.

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