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Friday, January 24, 2014

First Flight for JA16KZ

This morning line 1485 (RC526) JA16KZ for Nippon Cargo Airlines went up on a B1 flight. It looks like NCA is sticking to the plan they described over a year ago, taking three 747-8Fs in 2013, and three more in 2014. There was some uncertainty as to whether they meant calender year or fiscal year (ending in March or April). As for when they'll take the last six they have on order (they ordered a total of 14), things are still unclear.


  1. Surprisingly Good News, as this was one of the frames clogging up Everett over Christmas. There is still one KAL cargo Frame that has not been painted to go, but I'm more interested in the Rejected Atlas Frame and N6067E the Supposed LH bird.

    Also check out Today, there is a pic of the Silk Way from a chopper and also LX-ECV, the 744 that Cargolux just bought.

  2. RC573 painted in special livery!

    1. Yeah I think it must be RC573 too, but if so that was a seriously quick paint job. She was still on the flight line on the 25th.