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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Second 747-8 PIP Delivery

Today, Cathay Pacific took delivery of line 1484 (RC562) B-LJL, marking the second delivery of a 747-8 with PIP engines. Deja vu, two deliveries in two days. The third should happen in the next few days.

Line 1479 (RC525) JA15KZ also paper delivered to NCA two days ago, and should fly away soon. On deck for 2013 still are lines 1483 (RC605) VQ-BRJ for ABC and 1488 (RC549) HL7624 Korean Air Cargo, but the latter is looking like a stretch with only one test flight so far.

You might notice the bottom of the chart has four new Intercontinentals added. Two of those are for Lufthansa, which gave me a sigh of relief. I was a bit paranoid they were going to cancel the last four orders and stick with 15 747-8Is, after they cancelled a few A380s earlier this year. Now it looks like they're going ahead with all 19 747-8Is, and possibly 20 if they end up taking line 1435 (RC021) D-ABYE back. I say add another five to fill up the alphabet (D-ABYZ?). Not including that extra letter in the German alphabet of course (D-ABYß?).


  1. Are you sure you CATHAY PACIFIC CARGO have ordered 14 planes? Everywhere mentioned 13 aircraft, but your table Line 1505 14 aircraft for Cathay

  2. That firing line info is something that comes from Boeing I believe. That information was part of the December update. Whether or not it should have been released at that time is another issue. There has been no official announcement as of yet, but that update leads most of us to believe that there is a follow on order that is pending. It really shouldn't be too much of a surprise, considering that CX are trying to retire their least efficient 744s ASAP. What will be interesting to see is how many 8Fs there are on order, and if there are any 8Is to accompany the order. :-)

  3. Cathay Pacific just ordered a 747-8 freighter for delivery in 2016

    "The Hong Kong-based airline said it is buying three more Boeing 777-300 extended-range passenger jets--its current long-haul workhorse--for delivery in 2015, as well as an additional Boeing 747-8 freighter for delivery in 2016."

    1. Which will be built next year. Boeing and Cathay aren't happy unless they have a Cathay 747 languishing around for years at Paine Field.