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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Thanks to 747Classic over at, we now know that the new 747-8 (including all airframe and engine modifications) has been certified by the FAA on December 10th, 2013. This is excellent, if overdue news. Most importantly it means Boeing can start delivering their backlog of new frames, and the first ones up should be three for Cathay and one for Korean Air Cargo. The other two frames slated for delivery this month to ABC and NCA are using the older engine/airframe combos, as far as I know.

Read the certification here.


  1. L/n 1494 is out in the flightline then why is the production spreadsheet still showing it as in final assembly??

    1. From a previous reply I made on the subject:

      "I know the airliners guys and Cawby are claiming this is RC032, buuuuut... I think it's still RC031. RC031 was just out less than a month ago, sat around, and disappeared for a couple days. I think they moved it back in the hanger for a bit to do some extra work on it, then rolled it out to the fuel dock again. They've done that before, and it would explain the partial line move they had a few days ago where nothing rolled out. Plus, the dates don't add up. They're supposed to be slowing down, not speeding up the rate. If that's rc032 they've rolled out 3 frames in less than a month."

      This has been reinforced by the fact that 1492 is now painted and there are no unpainted 747-8Is on the flight line. I do expect 1494 to roll out sometime in the next week or two at the latest, however.