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Friday, October 25, 2013

Rise From Your Grave(yard) Part Deux

Matt Cawby tweeted that the last two frames in storage, line 1479 (RC525) JA15KZ for Nippon Cargo Airlines and line 1482 (RC605) VQ-BRJ for AirBridgeCargo, will head back to KPAE today. NCA 747-8s are all over KPAE right now!

 Update: Didn't happen. But line 1437 (RC573) went for a flight with the FAA on board. And she has blue engines now. What could this mean? If this were a good blog I could tell you :(

Pic by Matt Cawby.

There was an airworthiness directive issued today for 747-8s about a missing bushing that could lead to problems.

RIP 747-400 line 927 JA8957 for ANA. She goes to her doom at Tupelo, the saddest place in the world for a 747 fan. The locals must have gotten a kick seeing this colorful bird come in for a landing.


  1. Blue huh? Any idea since when, turtle? This can really only mean a good thing. Right?

  2. Maybe saving an announcement for Dubai? ...although Boeing claims not to wait for Airshows to make important announcements.

    1. It's hard to think of a reason they painter the nacelles other than in preparation for a customer. The color matches Atlas's livery though. Maybe they want the frame back.

  3. RC525 scheduled for return to PAE:

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