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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Silk Way Airlines Firms Up Order

Silk Way Airlines, based in Azerbaijan, firmed up their order for two 747-8Fs. These will compliment their eclectic fleet which includes three 747-400Fs, two 767-300Fs, three Antonov An-12s, and seven Ilyushin II-76MFs.

So far for the year this makes five firm orders for the 747-8 in total (the other three were from Cathay). Net orders for the year are at a big fat zero though, due to Dubai Aerospace cancelling five a few months ago.


  1. Good news. Now if those other MoUs can get converted, or maybe some more of the rumored orders. :-)

    One question though, wasn't the original MoU for 4 aircraft? Have you seen any mention of that? Perhaps the other 2 are to be firmed later?

    1. I haven't seen anything about four that I can remember.

    2. About 4 being the MoU? Or about 4 as a final order?

      Thanks for the info!

    3. Ah, never mind my previous reply. Clearly you were talking about the order, I think I confused myself.

      Hopefully the 7 8i MoUs from earlier this year get firmed, and perhaps some other surprise orders along the way. It would make that net value look much better for sure.

    4. Well my memory is awful, and you were right. I mean, I even commented on it, how sad is that? :)

  2. This Is Great News! :) We Have Cathay Ordering The 3 Additional Fs, The 5 Additional -8i's From Korean And 2 More -8i's For Air China.
    This Is Going To Be A Great Year If Transaero Firms Up Their Order And When Cathay Orders The -8i (As Rumored.)

    I See A Rebound Coming!

  3. JA14KZ & JA02KZ in storage in MZJ: