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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Line 1480 First Flight

Line 1480 (RC030) D-ABYK for Lufthansa went for a short first flight today. Something made them turn around and return early. Thanks to Matt Cawby for the photos.

Line 1485 (RC526) JA16KZ for Nippon Cargo rolled off the FAL without engines, another frame waiting for the newly certified PIP enabled GE engines.

Lufthansa's first 747-8I, line 1443 (RC022) D-ABYA, has been inactive since July 11th. It's too early for a C or D check, so I wonder what's going on with her.

Below is 1480's taxi test and first flight. You can mouse wheel through them and it's like watching it live!


  1. Someone on the forums said that DABYA is probably being retrofitted with the Lufthansa FlyNet system, since the first 4 748s that they took apparently did not get this system.

    1. Hopefully it's something inane like that.