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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who will get the 1500th 747?

Boeing has allocated up to line 1499. Who do you think will get frame 1500? It's a pretty big milestone for the 45 year old program, and it's looking like it'll be a long time before they hit 2000 (never say never!)

My guess is number 1500 will be a Lufthansa 747-8I, and she'll have special livery to commemorate the occasion.

Tomorrow Cargolux LX-VCH (line 1473) will do a flyover at the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament. She should deliver sometime in the following few weeks according to Cargolux's CEO.

Have you seen GE's new testbed? She's an ex JAL frame (line 1024) that's set to replace their old 747-100 (line 25, 43 years old and counting!) which is still active currently doing tests for the GEnx performance improvement packages..

Kalitta has expanded their MRO outfit, and is now prepared to perform heavy checks on 747-8s. Of course, there shouldn't be any needed for another six and a half years, what with the expanded eight year D check schedule for all 747-8s. Kalitta knows how to keep 747s ticking... they still operate ten 747-200s in revenue service (there are usually 5-6 in the air at any given time on Flightaware).

Enjoy pictures of line 1437 in the air while you can. It looks like she doesn't have a customer, and could very well end up spending a long time in the desert, alongside poor line 1416.



  1. So Glad I Found This Site! Now I Can Stay Up To Date With My Favorite Large Aircraft :D

    Quick Question. What's Your Take On US Carriers Ordering The 747-8i? (UA And DL Inparticular)

  2. Believe you me, I wish they would. They both seem to be doing fine with the -400, and they'd only do better with the -8. My fan boy side even thinks they should feel obligated to keep the US built Queen in their fleets. Realistically, airlines these days are more sensitive to costs than ever before, with their razor thin profit margins, so I think they're heavily leaning towards the safer bets in the 777X or a350.

    My hopes for 8I orders include Cathay, Turkish, United, Delta, Lufthansa (top off), and Transaero. But in the current climate, any 8I orders are pleasant surprises, not expected occurences.

    1. Besides Lufthansa, All Of The Airlines You Listed Are Possible! Each Have Expressed There Interest. Transaero Has Signed For 4, But Have Not Firmed Up Yet. Cathay Would Potentially Place An Order During The Summer (If The Reports Are Correct.) Delta Is A Longshot. Turkish Is Possible And United Is A Good Chance (But I Wouldn't Expect More Than 10-15 For United)

      Being A Huge Fanboy Myself, I'd Love To See The 748 With At Least One US Carrier, Preferably UA (As You Said, Never Say Never, And Plus, They Are Looking At It.) In The Case Of UA, The 777X And the 747-8i Would Make A Great Team. Remember, The 777X Does Not Equal A Twin 747-8i. The Queen Is Still Relevant, And She Has A Chance.

      I Wouldn't Really Expect Any More A350 Orders Unless UA Was Willing To Totally Switch From Boeing To Airbus, Which Is Extremely Unlikely Under Smisek. Word On The Street He's A Boeing Junkie.

  3. There may be an error in your table: the contract delivery/flight dates for line# 1470 seem to be reversed. Also, do line# 1463 and 1469 listed as stored in AZ currently have N-number registrations? Reported as N5511Y and N772BA respectively on another website...

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I put storage registrations in the notes.

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  5. RC572 HZ-AI4 taxi test:

    And in the air:

  6. British Airways Finalizes And Orders 18 A350-1000s.
    The 747-8 Is Here To Stay For A Very Long Time However.

    Hey TurtleLuv, You Said That Aircraft 1500 Will Go To Lufthnsa (Maybe), But It's One Frame Off (#1500 Potentially Goes To Air China.) What Would Need To Happen For That Frame To Be Given To Lufthnsa?

  7. Yeah, sadly I think there is no chance BA will fly the 747-8I.

    And what do you mean by the second line? Line 1500 isn't allocated yet. They've only allocated up to line 1499, which is going to Air China.

  8. Sad, But True...It Is What It Is.

    Oh, Pardon Me! I Got A Little Confused! Sorry. I Thought c/n 1499 Was 747 #1500.