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Monday, April 22, 2013

Line 1432, Into the Blue

It's getting routine now, but yet another "old" new frame flies for the first time today. Line 1432 (RC572) HZ-AI4 for Saudi Arabian Cargo took her first flight this morning. A big thanks to Piotrek_ for the shots.

Here she was in long term storage without engines, and then refurbishment where she finally got some (pictures thanks to Matt Cawby).

That leaves one backlog frame that hasn't flown yet: line 1433 for Cathay. Soon, my pretty. Very soon.

Atlas's final frame, line 1476 (RC582) N855GT also flew for the first time on Saturday.

Boeing has lowered the build rate to 1.75 frames a month. This is not a surprise. They likely will lower it to 1.5 frames a month by the end of the year if orders don't pick up.

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  1. Someone From Boeing Did Say That In The Next 15 Or So Years, The Forecast Calls For Several Hundred VLAs. I Think Boeing Is Wise To Step Down Production A Tiny Bit; It'll Buy Them Time.
    But The 748 Game Is By No Means Finished.

    It Reminds Me Of The 777. Didn't Have A Great Start. Look Where It Is Now.